Your data is only valuable if it helps people
make important decisions and take action.

Watch each video and make tangible changes using data storytelling and visualization
that drive decision making.

Simplify Your Message

Humanize Your Data

Visualize Your Presentation

If your message is confusing,
your presentation will fail.

“Why isn’t my project getting approved?”

“Why do people get confused during my presentation?”

“Why do they want me to explain so many times?”

Overcome all of these obstacles and more when you get FREE
access to the Effective Data Presentation.

How much is a confusing presentation costing you?
How many approvals are you missing out on?
How many missed opportunities you have encountered?

People will respond to your data presentation after you apply impactful visualization and give insights using compelling stories.


I help others to transform data into valuable insights that drive decision making and convert text-heavy presentation slides into easy to interpret visuals that are engaging and persuasive enough.

I am known to be a strategist in information design and data visualization. I have been leading efforts in strategizing and planning special projects for the organization that requires skills to develop a strategic presentation with impactful and engaging infographics, Data Visualizations and presentations for its stakeholders.

Having spent the past 10 years working in strategy development, managing special projects and operational optimization for the public and private sectors, I have a unique perspective & passion for the importance of presenting impactful visual stories with information, data, and images by applying PowerPoint hacks.

I am a certified trainer, train local and international clients with visual storytelling for presentation and data visualization, optimizing more than his fair share of dreadful presentations and helping them tell impactful visual stories with information, data and images. Clients trained – PLUS Expressway, Malaysia Airports, DHL, HP, FrieslandCampina, I-Xeon, Sudut Swasta and Vertitech.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree from University of Malaya, and MBA from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

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